Club Layouts

Over the past forty years many layouts have come and gone.

We currently have five layouts on the go, click on the menu above or click on the layouts name to go to each page.

Exhibition Mangers:- please contact us at to book any of the layouts, some of the members layouts are also available.

Little Telsleigh: This is a OO gauge GWR branch line with a working quarry, windmill and level crossing. Size approx 16ft x 2ft 6 ins, largely complete and has been to several exhibitions.

Dufftown: The Scottish layout based around a distillery and modeled in OO9. Various exhibitions attended.

Colmans Hatch (Under construction): This is another  OO gauge layout based on Eridge it is a mainline with fiddle yards at either end.

Almeida Yard (Under construction): A US HO scale multi sized layout that can be set up in several configurations. Baseboards completed, track laying started. This could well be our first DCC layout! Set in Los Angeles.

Highcome (Under construction): A new OO gauge layout that is son of errrr Highcombe! This is to replace our main clubroom based layout. Baseboards currently under construction, web page to follow shortly.

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