Almeida Yard

The seeds for this layout started out many years ago with two club members who had an interest in US Railroads, however due to work commitments whilst some planning was done no timber was cut. The idea has now been taken up after an article in Model Railroader for a layout that could be assembled in a variety of shapes and sizes.  It can be put together as an end to end layout or U shaped or even L shaped. This could well be our first DCC layout, watch this space! The location has been moved from the Midwest to the West Coast and will be a fictitious Shortline Railroad switching at various industries. The layout has been without a name for some time but has now been christened Almeida Yard

Boards have been constructed and track laying has been largely completed. Point motors also fitted. Here are some pictures to whet your appetite. Further pictures and track plan will follow.

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