BMRC 45TH AGM 2018

As required under our Constitution, take this email as notification of the calling of the 45th AGM of BMRC, intended to be held at 8pm on Tuesday 6th March 2018 at the Club premises at London Road Station. This email is in addition to the printed notification that will be pinned to the Club noticeboard this coming Tuesday.
Note that the minutes of last year’s AGM and the various reports for the preceding year will follow shortly. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE NO PRINTED COPIES AVAILABLE ON THE NIGHT! So if you need a physical copy, when they are published, please print and bring along.
For those of you who who are not able to attend due to some piffling reason like not living in the same county, country, or continent, your apologies will, reluctantly, be accepted. I have it on good authority that The Treasurer has agreed to allow teas, coffees and even biscuits to be offered free on the night. To take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer (well, actually once a year) PLEASE ATTEND. If you don’t attend, you cannot complain about any decisions made at the meeting that you don’t agree with. (Gosh, you can tell my daughter is a teacher.) Plus the fact that we need at least 50% of the eligible membership (ie not associate) to attend to make the meeting legal. Gulp.
I hope that with a month’s notice you are able to make arrangements to attend. And don’t forget our show in November as we need as many people as possible to person it properly.