Our 2017 exhibition will be ONE WEEK LATER on the 18th and 19th of November at our usual home of Patcham Community Centre.

Click on the address for a location map.

Patcham Community Centre, Ladies Mile Road, Patcham, BN1 8TA

Updates to follow…..

Layout name Exhibitor Gauge / Scale Details
Bridlington Quay O /7mm North Eastern
Arigna Town O / 7mm Irish
Thunders Hill Peter Bossom 3mm
Tarring Neville OO / 4mm SR / BR
Colemans Hatch Brighton MRC OO / 4mm SR / BR 1960s
Valencia Harbour OO / 4mm Irish TBC
Vintage train set OO / 4mm Hornby Dublo
Haynes Lane Bexhill MRC O / 7mm Light Railway
Trade Morris Models of Lancing TBC
Trade Brian Trains TBC
Society Brighton & Hove Society of Model Engineers Display
Society Brighton Tram 53 Society Restoring Brightons only remaining tram
Society Railway Correspondence and Travel Society

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